Emergency Services

Around-the-Clock Emergency Care

Atoka County Medical Center (ACMC) emergency department treats over 12,000 patients annually. Our emergency department’s medical staff is here to provide the best quality care to our patients. The center has 5 beds, including 2 trauma rooms, to accommodate patients. It is supported by 24-hour coverage of our testing facilities, including laboratory and radiology. We work closely with EMS personnel to provide service to our community. In addition, ACMC also works with life flight services. This service is available to rapidly transport critical patients who need specialized care not available at ACMC either from our healthcare facility or from the scene of an accident.

“Golden Hour Ward”

It has long been known that the best chance for survival following a traumatic injury occurs when the injured person is seen and treated within an hour of the event. This hour is known as the “Golden Hour” and the chance of survival for the level one trauma patient decreases significantly after an hour has passed. The plan is to waste little time at the scene and to rapidly transport the patient to a level one trauma center. This year the OU Trauma Team recognizes Atoka County Medical Center with the Golden Hour Award. When the Department of Corrections/semi crash happened last year, the rapid triage, treatment, and transfer of those involved to the OU Trauma Center. The OU Trauma Center received one within an hour of being notified, and the others shortly thereafter. Atoka County Medical Center is a level four emergency trauma center. In order for a state trauma system to work, paramedics, ambulance services and other hospitals, from the largest metro hospital to the smallest community hospital, must be committed to getting the patient to the level 1 trauma center within the “golden hour.”

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