Swingbed Program

What is Swing Bed?

Patients are eligible for swing bed after a 3 midnight acute hospitalization. The anticipated length of stay for a Swing Bed Patient is 10-12 days. Skilled nursing is a level hospitalization care for patients who require who require certain services. Skilled nursing services (Swing Beds) are extremely beneficial when a patient is ready to leave the acute level of a hospital stay, but is not yet well enough to return home.

Stays are anticipated to be short-term and can be utilized for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

Extended antibiotic therapy
Heart disease
Joint replacement and other surgeries
Newly diagnosed diabetics
Respiratory diseases
Other debilitating conditions

Services Available:

Physical Therapy

Occupation Therapy

Speech Therapy

Respiratory Therapy

*All insurance accepted

* Insurance accepted pending prior authorization through plan.